Full Service Grooming

Full Service Grooming – Service that’s Extra Special!

Full-service Grooming

For our grooming customers, we can groom your pet to breed standard or create a special look to suit your taste and lifestyle. We groom your pet straight through so there is no all day stay. Most pets are ready to be picked up in two hours with the exception of larger or undercoat heavy dogs.

We use top quality natural and organic shampoos and conditioners including Show Season, Best Shot, Tropiclean and Eqyss. These shampoos are specifically formulated to be used on dogs as well as the PH of a dog’s skin.

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At Wag ‘N Wash, NO dog receives the same shampoo, as every dog’s coat type and condition are unique!

Your dog is bathed using a gentle hydrotherapy massage system. Tearless, foaming cleansers are used on all faces. Please note that our grooming tables are equipped with a Linked Interval Positioning Systems or LIPS TM. Therefore, all pets are safe and secure on our tables as they are secured from not only the front but the back. For pets with hip and leg problems, we have harnesses to hold them while grooming and for geriatric dogs it alleviates the pain to their back ends. All dogs are dried by hand with our professional high velocity or fluff dryers. we do not use cage dryers. After your pet has been primped and pampered; he will sit on our counters to await your arrival, as we do not cage our furry clients.

Wag and Wash PDF   NOTE: Before we groom your pet, our Client Grooming Agreement must be signed.

Please click on link to download or we can review before your scheduled appointment.

Why We are Special

We regard all animals as a top priority and we pamper them as if they were our very own. This should make you feel comfortable with our services . “If you want us to baby sit your dog all day, we are not the place for you.” If you are looking for a professional and caring groom for your pet, please do call us for an appointment; we won’t disappoint you.

Animals have emotions and can occasionally feel anxious too. We diffuse a variety of essential oils in the shop to keep your pet calm and balanced. The use of essential oils aids the groomer and the bather too. If a pet is extremely nervous, we use a combination of Lavendar essential oil on the grooming post accompanied by a few drops of Bach Rescue Remedy ®. Bach Rescue Remedy ® for pets is an alcohol-free formula. These drops can be put in your pet’s water bowl, rubbed on his belly or dropped in his mouth. We suggest if you have an nervous pet to give to your dog 15 minutes before arriving at Wag ‘N Wash.

The first thing to do is visit your vet even if you can’t see anything physically wrong with them. Changes in behavior are sometimes the first symptoms of a problem that may require medical treatment. Once you have the all-clear you may find RESCUE® Pet helps your pet cope with being separated from you, traveling in the car, or taking that next trip to the vet and your groomer more easily.


Please be advised we do charge accordingly for coats that are severely matted. We also advise you that de-matting is now $60 per hour plus the cost of your pet’s haircut. De-matting can, in many cases, be painful, inhumane, and labor-intensive, and we don’t like to do it ,so please keep your pet’s coat maintained between grooming appointments. Please note that we will always give you the option of a) dematting or b) shaving to save significant dollars and will do as you wish before we ever begin grooming your pet.

Other Services With a Complete Grooming

Tooth brushing
Medicated Veterinary Shampoos
$7.00 – $10.00
Oatmeal Shampoo
Med. Shampoo/conditioner combo
Flea Shampoo
$10-15 (higher if infested)
Herbal Flea Dipping (as a preventative)
Dematting/Intense brushout
$1/Minute $60 per hour

FURminator TM Deshedding Treatment:
$15/$25/$35 (based on dog’s size and in addition to Regular groom)

Grooming Magic