Self-Service Dog Wash

Bergen County’s First Self Service Dog Wash!

Self Service Grooming

Washing a dog can be a messy business especially in cramped city apartments and even in your bathroom. Wag ‘N wash will now take the hassle out of cleaning the mess. No more chiropractic visits, plumbing bills and cleaning hair from bathroom stalls. You just bring the dog in and we clean up the mess.

And it will be inexpensive to keep your dog clean…Self-service or “do it yourself bathing” is only $18 for the first half hour and $7.00 for each additional quarter hour after that.

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At Wag ‘N Wash, we’ll provide the equipment,
…while you provide the tender loving care.

- Elevated tubs to prevent bending

- Steps for your convenience getting pets in tubs

- Long spray hoses

- Tearless natural shampoos and conditioners

- Safety Chains to prevent injury to your pet

- Perfect water temperature to prevent scalding

- Colognes, towels, professional pet dryers, brushes, ear cleaner, combs

- An apron for YOU!

- And live assistants to help you through your first time doing your own dog!!

- Classical music and aromatherapy to ease the tired mind.

Appointments Now Needed to Utilize Self-Service Washing..please call 201-729-1555 or e-mail for an appointment info@wagandwash.com

Special Services available without a Full-Service Grooming Appointment

Nail Trimming NOTE: Nail clipping will not require an appointment. We do rabbit and Guinea Pig nails too!!
Nail Trimming and ear cleaning
Nail Clipping and filing
$18.00 (front/back)
Medicated Veterinary Shampoos
$7.00 – $10.00
Oatmeal Shampoo
Med. Shampoo/conditioner combo


Grooming Magic