Groomer Bio

Janie Semprevivo – AKA “Janie”

You want to be sure that the person who is grooming your pet is well-experienced and well-qualified to care for your friend. Be sure, that I love dogs more than anything and humane treatment and care is our standard at Wag ‘N Wash. Below is some information that will make you feel at ease.

Grooming Experience:

13 years (including owning Wag ‘N Wash since April, 2000).

Grooming Education:

Nash Academy of the Animal Arts

Certified in Canine CPR (Re-Certified April 2011)

Certified Level I Reiki Practitioner (July 2011)

I also attend two to three grooming conferences each year to hone my skills and to learn new techniques and to find new products to better serve my customers.


N.D.G.A.A. – National Dog Groomers Association of America

N.A.F.E. – National Association of Female Executives

NJ Business and Industry Association

American Dog Owner’s Association

Wolf Education and Research Center

Related Pet Care Experience:

20 years of experience with pet care, holistic health care, handling and rescue. I’ve written and appeared in several articles relating to animal neglect and exploitation. Was instrumental in getting the Elizabeth, New Jersey pound to stop its abuse of sheltered animals. Initial article written for Elizabeth Reporter led to another article in the Newark Star Ledger. The aftermath of the articles resulted in an interview on Channel 9 UPN News. Here I commented on the conditions at the pound, the ongoing neglect as well as the animals I and several others had removed.

In addition to the pound project, I spent 7 years working in the Elizabeth, NJ area. 167 dogs were rescued and with the assistance of other rescue groups, homes were found for all of them. Having fallen in love with Daphne immediately, she became my pet and having had to rehabilitate Buddy from a burnt pup found in a garbage can to where she is now, I could never have given her up. Both of my loves are now gone.


Beloved Memory

For dog lovers everywhere, this is the moment that we all dread. A decision so heart wrenching that it seems that we could never survive the outcome. But on June 9, I made the right decision and let God take my Thumper into his loving hands and to end his suffering.

He has been my companion, friend and family; I will always remember and love him. Somehow I know that he watches over me Daphne and Buttons even now.

Thumper, September, 1986 - June 9, 2000

Beloved Memory

In Memory of my beloved Daphne 4/15/90 - 2/21/05

Beloved Memory

In Memory of my beloved Buttons a/k/a Buddy 5/15/94-6/14/08